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The Birchen variety

(or silver-black)

(genetic family ER)

  Poules Marans Noir-argenté

Jeune coq Noir-argenté

This Marans variety is not the more confidential variety which exists in the breed because regularly some Birchen subjects have appeared in the various stocks of Brown-red and Silver-cuckoo Marans.

Although it is rare, this variety is far from any risk of disparition and we can only be pleased about it.

Modestly, we can define the silver-black Marans as a Brown-red whose plumage cuckoo zones are replaced by a silver-white shade (ER génétic familly).

Quel dommage, cette queue d'écureuil sur un coq aussi conforme!

The silver (s) color factor which is dominating in relation to its "golden" (s+) allele (notably present in its cousin, the Brown-red Marans) is systematically present in the genotype of the silver-cuckoo variety.

In the image of this last color, we easily understand the degree of good relative frequence of the silver (s) genes in the breed.

So in the absence of the cuckoo color genes, the Marans breeding stock, carrier of the (s) characteristic, give birth to Birchen subjects.

The Birchen Marans has nothing envy to the famous Brown-red variety as for the esthetic qualities. These subjects are in fact wonderful due to their plumage color which is very contrasted and spectacular.

Marans Noir-argenté

Poulette Noir-argenté de très bonne couleur (Nancy 2001)

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During a long time, some farms of the poitevine area have still been keeping some Marans of every color like the Birchen, the golden-salmon and even the coppery blue (Blue-red in englisch?)…

Unfortunately, a lot of these subjects, although laying exceptional extra reddish-brown eggs, to be clearly faulty for the other standard points (too small size, few or no feathers on the tarsus, irregular figure or even black eyes).

Today, we meet, in some well known farmers of the MCF, some very correct Birchen stocks which present a good standard and especially very nice extra reddish-brown eggs.

It is advisable to notice that these Birchen founders are also very precious. They are notably exceptionanl to improve some lineages of silver-cuckoo Marans which have very often become inadequate if not  unconventional on the quality plan of the extra reddish-brown eggs.

The MCF deals with various color crossings kinds in a fascicule by Albert Roguet (French langage) entitled "genetic of the Marans colors" available at the headquarters – tel These crossings allow the achieving of pure silver-black (Birchen) and golden-cuckoo variety notably


Description of the Birchen Marans

Coq Marans Noir-argenté


The Birchen Marans can be described as conform to the Brown-red except for the silver parts which are in every respect by a silver-white color which is very contrasted on a black plumage background.

The different distribution of the feather colors (black and silver) are strictly the same as the Brown-red notably on the head, the hackle, the ear tuft, the breast, the shoulders the back and the lancets.

The eyes are orangery-red, the tarsus are grey but never black. The armband as well as the folded wing mirors are obligatory black.

Nota bene : to date, the Birchen Marans (as well as the blue varieties for example) are not recognized by the SCAF standard.

So it is for the farmers of these nice varieties to exhibit their subjects during their next championship.

Under these conditions, the approval formalities would be easily carried out and in a relatively short time because these different colors (although they are unfortunately too little spread) show today an indisputable genetic coherence and a good selection level including for the egg color.

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