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Renewal subscriptions for subsequent years cost 26 euros per year.

Membership is for the civil year running from 1st January to 31st December.

Renewal payments for the following year may be made following publication of the third issue
of the bulletin of the current year in which will be found a renewal reminder. 

Renewal subscriptions must be received as early as
possible after the start of the new year.

Payment must be made by one of the following means :

--  by cheque in euro drawn on a bank in France, made payable to “Marans-Club de France”
and sent to the treasurer whose details are shown below :

501 Chemin  des Grands Prés
Tel 04 50 51 54 56


--  by bank transfer or by postal mandate to the following account :

bank: Credit Agricole of
Tel :

account number RIB suivant : 18106 00013  96725449280  63

bank identification code (BIC) : AGRIFRPP881

--   by bank transfer using IBAN reference : FR76  1810  6000  1396  7254  4928  063

When you transferred the money to the MCF account, please inform our treasurer Marie BERTON by e-mail mariebrtn74@gmail.com ,
otherwise he could maybe not allocate your payment. We often receive payments without any indication of name,
address or payment reference, which makes it impossible to our treasurer to allocate the payment.

An application form for membership, or renewal, of the MCF , with or
without an order for rings, can be downloaded from the following
address :

Newsletter Membership

The initial subscription includes a copy of the welcome booklet, 'Livret d'accueil du MCF',
as well as a copy of each of the three bulletins

which appear in April, August and December.

Subscription dues received up to the 31st October are considered as
being for the current year unless clearly described otherwise on the application form.

Payments received from the 1st November are considered as being for
membership of the following year .... unless clearly described
otherwise on the application (in order, for example, to maintain
continuity of the collection of club bulletins...).

Payment for renewals of membership cost 26 euros and are subject to the same
rule of interpretation concerning whether they are received by the 31st October or after the 1st November.

Members who have not renewed their membership before the 1st of July of the year
following that for which they last paid are removed
from the list of members of the MCF,
including the list on the web
site and the map of members.
They will also not receive further
copies of the club bulletin
nor be able to participate in General
Assemblies of the MCF.

When a member makes a late renewal between 1st July and 31st October,
he will be restored to the membership lists for the current

year and will receive remaining copies of the bulletin for the current year.

Any eventual errors found in the membership lists should be brought to
the attention of the treasurer :


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