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Some interesting and old documents
about the Marans


Already in 1936, the newspaper "Rustica" presented the Marans then called "Marandaise" by this naive and very colored drawing

Repetition of Rustica in 1940 with this special issue about the "Marandaise"

Marans Blanc
Old postcard dating back from 1960 of a Marans white cock seems quite typical but which has a vertical tail. The period correspond to the peak of the Marans "half-industrialisation" but the white Marans will so much be in clear regression from 1966 that then it knows a quasi extinction until about 1990

Photo de Marans de 1931
The oldest Marans photo (1931) in possession of the MCF showing the varieties called white, ermined, coppery-black, silver cuckoo, golden cuckoo and filally a variety called at the same time "red or salmon partridge yellow" which was nothing but the authentic wheat colored variety

Marans capital of the hen with extra reddish-brown eggs

Old post-card (Parthenay, 1960) of a silver-cuckoo Marans couple. Doesn't this hen figure express the researched quasi-perfection ?

Old non-dated photo of a silver-cuckoo Marans

Old post card of 1961 showing the reddish-brown eggs of the Marans "half industrial" time.

Old postcard of the Chatelleraut poultry farming society. It follows the drawing by G. Touraine of 1988 which illustrates the Marans .

Magazine Rustica of September 1990. Photo by Bernard Rebouleau showing a fawn colored with black tail Marans cock


Photos sous licence Creative Commons
 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.fr CC by sa

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