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The golden cuckoo variety

  Marans Coucou-doré

  jeux de lumière sur dos et camail

It's one of the rarest variety of the Marans. It's a near cousin of the Silver-Cuckoo Marans.


The golden cuckoo color is composed of en entirely crossed cuckoo plumage on the whole body like the silver-cuckoo . On the other hand, the lighter parts of the feathers (hackle, back, lancets) are golden colored with orangery shades instead of being gray or silver-white.

This golden-cuckoo color is especially present at the hen hackle as well as the cock hackle, back, shoulders and lancets. We can notice that the lower part of the body tends to remain white as it is the case for the silver-cuckoo Marans.

Concerning the whole aspect, we have the feeling that there is an obsious family likeness between the golden-cuckoo variety and the silver-cuckoo Marans. This latter has also the same (B) genetic factor linked to sex which is responsible for the "cuckoo" color of the feathers.

Like the silver-cuckoo,the golden-cuckoo variety is affected by this slight shade differentation between the cocks and the corresponding hens. The (B) gene which expresses itself at the double state in the cocks gives to this latter a whole plumage which is lighter than the hens.

The lighter parts of the plumage are in this way accompanied with a crossed orangery-gray color which is due to the presence in the golden-cuckoo genetype of recessive and "linked to sex" genes of the golden color which is written (s+/s+) for the cock and (s+/.) for the hens.

Some golden-cuckoo subjects appear to be quite regularly in the silver-cuckoo Marans offspring whose are impure.

It is al together possible to recreate some Golden-Cuckoo Marans founders by the introduction, in the genotype of a Silver-Cuckoo subject, of the (s+) Golden gene which is notably present in fawn colored with "Black tailed Buff" or in the "Brown-red" varieties. Those crossings allow while remaining confined within the Marans breed and keeping the extra reddish-brown egg  qualities, to see the pure "Birchen" (Silver-Black) variety.

See also the Marans official standard: Golden-cuckoo Variety


Photos sous licence Creative Commons
 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.fr CC by sa


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