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The Golden-blue and Silver-blue varieties

(genetic family ER)

  T belle poule Marans Bleu-cuivré (M. Zabada)

  Marans Bleu-cuivré (M. Tellarolli, Nancy 2001)

It's a very rare Marans variety which is not recognized in the standard yet. Coppery-black is a color which can come in silver-blue from the moment that the "silver" (S) gene appear in the genotype instead of the "golden" (s+) gene.


The blue color variety seems to have been existing in the Marans since its origins, i.e since the first crossing with its english ruff ancestors.

The two genetics (s+) and (S) factors condition the same effects on the plumage as in the case of the Brown-red Marans with the Birchen. These four varieties belong to the same genetic family (ER) but the Coppery-blue and the Silver-blue are affected by the presence of an addition al genese that is written (BI) like "blue" which provocks a thinning out effect more or less regular of the black plumage.

This "blue" gene can act only in presence of an existing black plumage with which it is directly and intimately linked.

Of course, in accordance with the breed, it doesn't deal with the action of one of the "studied white genetic factors" but with a specific characteristic, which is very different from the dominating white or the recessive white, which has an effect on the black color.

It is important to know that :

- white erases black but blue thins black.

This blue color shows shades more or less regular in the plumage with eventualy some blackish scattered feathers here and there.

Indeed, it is advisable to differentiate this blue color which thins black from a tone in comparison with the "pearl gray color" of some breed which lightens black but by bringing moreover a very good uniformity to the plumage.

The Marans is not concerned with this "pearl-gray color".

Only the true "blue" interests the Marans breed quite simply because there were in the genotype english ruff breeds which are at the origin of the breed.

Moreover, the (BI) factor, which it is about, has only effect on the black parts of the plumage whatever their place on the animal. Anyways, there aren't any action on all the golden, coppery or silver parts of the plumage which concerns the Brown-red or the Birchen Marans.


Consequently, when (BI) is present in the Brown-red genotype (ER family), we obtain a Coppery-blue shade and in the Birchen variety (silver-black) we obtain a Silver-blue shade.


Photos sous licence Creative Commons
 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.fr CC by sa




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